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Keeping the Athlete In You Cool

People often become overheated while exercising or performing other strenuous activity in the heat. Based in Riverside, California, the Core Cooler Company has an innovative device to keep you cool this summer. Our personal cooling system has been scientifically proven to decrease the body's core temperature and increase your performance.


Regardless of the Season, or if your activities are indoor or outdoor, today you must take precautions against heat exhaustion and other heat related illnesses. The Core Cooler is clinically proven to help prevent the various types of heat related illnesses. The Core Cooler Company has designed a device that is easy to carry and keeps you cool by breathing cool air. Learn more about the Core Cooler and what it will do for YOU.

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About Us

Several years ago, our founder was relaxing in a sauna and had an interesting experience with an elderly lady. This woman's doctor told her to spend time in a sauna every day for health purposes, but the woman had a very difficult time breathing in the hot, humid air. After this encounter, he went to work designing and modifying the Core Cooler.

Keeping cool is no longer an issue. It has been more than five years since its invention, and our personal cooling device has garnered attention from professional athletes, youth organizations, and doctors around the nation.

The Core Cooler has been clinically proven to help reduce the risk of heat related illnesses. To help educate the public about the benefits of our product, we offer this clinical evaluation conducted at the University of Arkansas.


Frank A. Affinto II, Founder / Inventor

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